Stats are fun! Also see Other Stats and Injuries


STRength: How strong and durable the character is. Used to compansate for weapons weight, kick and other stuff require raw power.

AGIlity: How physically fit and fast the character is. Can factor into dodging heavy swings and getting out of the harms way.

PERception: Covers ability understand what is being faced. Basically traditional Wisdom, Intelligence and Perception thrown into a single stat.

Stat Allocation:

  • STR 0 + D6/2
  • AGI 0 + D6/2
  • PER 0 + D6/2
  • 3 Points to spend

You won't get too much attributes or skills at this stage. What you lack in points you will make up with choosing a trait.


  • FIR -2 + (AGI + PER)/3
  • MEL -2 + (AGI + STR)/3
  • AID -4 + (PER)
  • TEC -4 + (PER)
  • 6 Points to spend

FIRearms: Covers useage any Firearm from pistols to specialist weapons.

  • 0-1 miss
  • 2-4 body shot on medium range miss on long
  • 5-10 Chosen limb in close and mid range bodyshot on long. Dismember or Decap at Close Range
  • 11-12 Chosen limb at any range. Dismember or Decap at Medium range.

MELee: Covers all sorts of melee attacks.

  • 0-1 Critical miss, player is dazed for 1 turn.
  • 2-4 Hit
  • 5-7 if target is not dead, then its busy collecting its guts and dazed for 5 turns. If its a Bloat, it sprays Acidic Vomit to closest 5 specimen.
  • 8-10 Dismember
  • 11 Decaptition
  • 12 Brutal Decapitation, target instantly drops dead, no nervous system tricks. With Chainsaw target is cut in half. Players cant brutally decap Clot, Husk, Scrake and Flesh Pound. Counts as normal decap.

First AID: First aid skill can only heal up to %80 HP.

  • 0 Failure, now target is bleeding x2 more
  • 1-6 Stabilized no more bleeding/after effects, but no HP gained (+%10 HP if no after effects)
  • 7-10 Stabilized and +%20 HP (+%40 if no after effects)
  • 11-12 Stabilized and +%40 HP (fully healed up to %80)

TEChnical Skills: covers everything from lockpicking, hacking, fixing guns... everything. Refer to players background

  • 0 Failure, whatever player was trying is now in worse contidion or broken beyond repair
  • 1-6 sucess!
  • 6-12 even better success