Different kinds of firearms require different actions to reload.

Clips, Magazines

Those weapons are the quickest to reload, takes two turns reload.

First turn removes the clip and prepares new one. This action cannot be interrupted.

Second turn places the clip and readies the weapon, regardless if there is a bullet in chamber or not (but does not lose the bullet in chamber). On <3 interrupt causes player to drop the new magazine before securing it on the weapon, else player fails to ready the weapon and misses a turn.


Those weapons are slowest to reload fully, however they are not needed to be fully loaded.

Each turn player can place up to three munitions into the tube. If interrupted Player puts only 2. For single shot weapons, player empties chamber, this action cannot be interrupted.

At third turn If there is no munition chambered weapon must be readied (pumped or closed a break action weapons, like M72, Double Barrelled shotgun must be readied), costs one turn. Interruption on <5 player fails the action and must try again next turn.


Those weapons are treated as Clip fed weapons if player has speed loaders.

If not bullets are placed one by one, they are treated as Tube fed weapons.


Belt fed weapons require four steps to reload.

First turn, opening up casing and removing reamining link. Even if weapon is empty opening up the case costs one turn. Can be interrupted on <4, player loses a turn but case is opened anyway.

Second turn, unlacthing and removing the ammo box. This action cannot be interrupted.

Third turn, latching new box and placing first munition to the feed. On <4 interruption causes player to fumble and pull more of the belt then necessery and the loses his grip. Player must spend one more turn straighten the tangled belt.

Fourth turn, closes the case pulls the receiver. This action cannot be interrupted.