Those are here for now. See Stats and Injuries

Hit PointsEdit

100 = %100. Hit points can only be healed up %80 with First Aid skill. You need to rest or recivie proper medical attention to reach %100 again.

Movement PointsEdit

AGI/2 (1 Movement = 1 gird = 2 Steps Per Turn, whichever movement measure you are going to use, specimen have their own movement rates independent of their AGI). Use this to see how much the slower characters will be left behind while runing.

Carry WeigthEdit

Gear worn. No movement penalties as the gear and harnesses worn limits the carry weight.

Nerve PointsEdit

Pretty much sanity. Restores itself quickly depending on the Characters bio.

  • Citizens have maximum of 80 nerve a constant -20 is applied due to gore and specimen everywhere to kill them.
  • Soliders have maximum of 100 nerve
  • NPCs have as many NP as DM sees fit.

Nerve Effects

  • 100-81 no penalties other then constant fear of death, paranoid characters will be mostly calm.
  • 80-50 -1 to FIR under preassure but otherwise coping with it.
  • 49-30 -2 to FIR, -1 to MEL Under heavy preassure and barely coping with it. Paranoid character may start to confuse players with Specimen and suffer -2 to PER.
  • 29-10 -3 to FIR and MEL, -2 to STR and AGI when calculating Grabs and Pins. Sedatives will pass on >3 even if character is fully armoured.
  • 09-00 Paranoids will see players as a specimen all the time. Other players are still in control of their actions but will attempt to flee on a roll of <4, must roll each turn.

These are guidelines to DM, using Nerve Points will only make the game harder, so use it or not depending how much players will whine.

  • Carnage Scene: -20 Helpless Civilians butchered and partially canniballized by Specimen. Effects last quite a while. Add -10, if the lot playing is squemish, for each dead children. Making an schools and hospitals wonderful places to visit.
  • Wound: Players wounded will lose 5+D6 nerves each time they take damage, 7+D6 on Injury, 10xD6 on crippled limb.
  • Frustration: Players repeteadly fail a difficulty in a non-combat task will lose 5xD6 NP. Also all players will lose 6xD6 NP whenever they fail an objective, either set by themselves or DM.
  • Players will lose 10xD6 for a character they were trying to patch up
  • 7xD6 for a squad mate (soliders only), 8xD6 for a solider character (civilians only). Soliders will lose 9xD6 for a civilian death.
  • On top of it all an additional 5xD6 for a character they were getting along well.
  • Hippie character will gain 5xD6 nerves whenever a solider character dies, this works both ways. So it wasn't friendly fire when a solider heavy team kills their only Hippie character to gain some NP.