Don't throw dice everytime, you are shooting at zombies.

Firearm AttacksEdit

Considering survivors have survived they know basics about firearms, such as which end should point to the ugly bastards.


Here is a nice explanation of of how each kind of weapon is reloaded.


Here is how to empty your guns so they need reloading;

  • Every weapon firing only one round is considered an aimed shot, and will always hit in close range regardless of skill.
  • Player can spend a turn to aim even more carfully, weapons will alway hit at their maximum range.
  • Weapons on Semi Automatic mode can fire twice, the second shot hits on <3.
  • Weapons on Full Automatic mode can fire four times, D3/2 is the number of hits after first shot.

Melee AttacksEdit

First AidEdit

First aid in combat delays the breakdown of Player, keeping them in combat untill the danger is over and proper care can be taken. These are a few actions that can be done during combat.

Applying PressureEdit

Will stop bleeding of a single wound by applying pressure with one hand. Players will have to use their weapons one handed. Player can use the other hand to apply pressure to another wound. Instant.

Gauze BandageEdit

Will stop the wound from infecting, won't stop bleeding. Already infected wounds will stop increasing Infection. Takes three turns. Interrputed if target moves.

Painkiller PillsEdit

Will remove Stat and Skill penalties related to injuries and infection for a couple of hours. Takes one turn.


There are various sparys that deliver strong medication quickly. See this list for more information.


Those are even more effective then sprays, but should be delivered to specific veins close to the wound or stimulants into arteries. See this list for more information.

Other ActionsEdit


As long as Players aren't going for world record at throwing, they can throw wherever they want. Civilians however suffer D6/3 of scatter in meters. Both Civilians and Military must roll for bouncing nades around corners Number Of Corners vs Player AGI/3. Where grenade goes after failing a check is at DMs mercy.

Weapon SwitchingEdit

Civilians must spend a turn to switch between carried weapons or items. Happens in steps of;

  • Securing the current weapon
  • Holstering or dropping it
  • Drawing desired weapon or item
  • Readying desired weapon or item

Each step is interruptable. Players with military training must anounce they are switching weapons at the end of their turn or they will be considered confused and fumbling and suffer going through steps civilians do.


Players can shove away nearby specimen. Husks, Brutes, Scrakes, Crawlers and Fleshpounds cannot be shoved. Clots, Stalkers and Sirens can always be shoved. Bloats will fall down if Player passes Player STR+(AGI/2) vs Bloat STR otherwise cannot be shoved. If player has bayonet attached, shove deals damage to one specimen. 2+D6 are the number of steps backward specimen take. They will trip if there is anything behind them.